About Me


Photography by Alessandra Griffin

Growing up in Maputo – Mozambique, I have been involved in the performing arts since the age of 6. After 13 years of dance training in Mozambique, I moved to Cape Town – South Africa to enrol at the University of Cape Town’s Humanities Faculty graduating with a Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in Dance, Drama and Social Anthropology. In conjunction with my interest in various forms of performance, I am passionate about other somatic practices that aid natural healing of the body, clearance and stability of the mind, and spiritual alignment. It was for this reason that I engaged in several styles of Yoga practice from 2006 both in Maputo and Cape Town, qualifying as a Yoga Instructor in 2014 under Jim Harrington. In the last couple of years, as a result of my constant need for and immense curiosity about somatic healing practices, I began to train Tai chi (Yang style) and to learn Chinese Tui Na Massage Therapy initially under Dr Michael Lan and later under Dr/Shirfu Jeff Lan. Through establishing an equilibrium of Yoga and Tai Chi practices, I am finding ways of centring and harmonising myself with any challenge of life and build strong foundation for my training and practice as a massage therapist.

This strong aspect of somatic healing and grounding practices not only has aided me in my practice with clients, but has deeply strengthened and influenced my ability, experience and expression in performance. In the Cape Town dance scene, I have worked with standard bank award winning artist Nicola Elliot in the works RUN! (both 2013 and 2015) and Chalk (2015). And have recently embarked on a freelance journey, recently collaborating with Julia de Rosenwerth, Alessandra Griffin and Ali Colombo in a production called Split Signs (2016).

You can find my CV here.