Have you Seen the Sky Today co-choreographed with Kopano Maroga

Cape Town, 2017

(The Bijou)

HYSTST phot by Megan Mc Namara

Photo by Megan Mc Namara

Performers: Adriana Jamisse, Kopano Maroga and Coila Enderstein

Music:  Original composition by Coila Enderstein


Fit of Peak at SPLIT SIGNS co-choreographed with Julia de Rosenwerth

Cape Town, 2016

(Theatre Arts Admin Collective)


Photo by Alessandra Griffin

Performers: Adriana Jamisse and Julia de Rosenwerth

Photography: Alessandra Griffin

Music:  Lucille Bogan ‘Shave Em Dry’; Tanya Tagaq ‘Breather’

Music Arrangement: Julia de Rosenwerth

Lighting: Andi Colombo

Synopsis: Our duet arose from an investigation into how breath, rhythm and voice could seed a movement vocabulary. We chose not to investigate a theme or concept at first, but allowed something to emerge from our bodies. This introduced a tension between being intuitive in our tasks and creating meaning for an audience. Due to our positionality as friends, womxn and artists, what arose from our process was a desire to express frustration and anger, free our sensuality and physicalise our personal relationship. Our title FIT OF PEAK refers to the fine line between peaked emotional states of rage/frustration and pleasure. As a result, the work has a lyricism that emphasises our moving bodies, but does not neglect our personal politics and interactions.


Me-eat-ology Interrupted. At UCT 3rd Drama practical examinations

Cape Town, 2016

(UCT Hiddingh Campus)

1 (5)

Photo by Alessandra Griffin

Performers: Adriana Jamisse and Julia de Rosenwerth

Photography: Alessandra Griffin

Music: Lullaby compilation

Synopsis: The solution was to eliminate myself from it, but it turned out impossible. So I just became angry. “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive…Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” — Adriana Jamisse, with quote from Audre Lorde


G(r)asp and Repeat at UCT – School of Dance’s “[ESC]APADES”

Cape Town, 2015

(Baxter Concert Hall)


Performers: Catherine Schenck (musician); Ilze Williams (dancer); Iefke Worst (dancer); Jenna Merrington (dancer); Julia de Rosenwerth (dancer); Kaylin Coetzee (dancer) and Larissa Johnson (musician)

Synopsis: This work explores the idea of capturing the ephemeral through sound and movement. Not only the process of categorisation, embodiment, translation, communication and sensorial experience that it involves, but also the frustrations, limitations, tensions of doing so, realising the fragments that are lost, changed, transformed and/or ignored along the way. Nevertheless, the constant attempt to fully grasp it, as well as the failure to do so is beautiful and always reminds us of the essence of ephemerality itself.


Heads and Tails at UCT School of Dance´s “Human Expressions”

Cape Town, 2014

(Baxter Concert Hall)

Dancers: Rae’ Classen, Kaylin Coetzee, Danielle Jones, Kopano Maroga, Julia de Rosenwerth, Sibongiseni Shezi, Randall Smith, Cebolenkosi Zuma.

Musicians: Rashid Adams, Zoe Modiga

Music: Arranged by Rashid Adams and Zoe Modiga.

Original Composition by Rashid Adams

“Don’t talk about it” by Hugh Masekela.

“Munich” by Corinne Bailey Rae

Synopsis: “Inner and Outer. Today’s constant conflict between these two extremes of the same being.”



Forgotten Simplicity at UCT-School of Dance Confluences Seven

Cape Town, 2013

(UCT School of Dance Concert Venue)


Photo by Oscar O’ryan

Performers: Julia de Rosenwerth, Anthea Gilfillan, Meagan Goliath and Tania Vossgatter

Music Mix: Coco Rosie (Bisounours), Gilberto Gil (Meterorum), Geoffrey Oryema (Piri Wango Iya), Dizu Kuduhorn & The Ensemble Refugiom (Akanandoda) and Sara Tavares (E Mim).

Synopsis: Underneath these layers of identity I am a Human Being. A human being whose life is made of the intensity of several moments. We are all human beings and sometimes we forget the simplicity of that.



Listen…  at UCT-School of Dance´s “DANCESCAPES 2013”

Mossel Bay & George, 2013

(Mossel Bay Town Hall & George Arts Theatre


Photo credit to UCT School of Dance

Dancer: Julia de Rosenwerth

Music: Improvisation inspired by “Teo’s Intro” by Kendra Ross from the album New Voice;  “Som de Chuva/Sound of Rain” (unknown)

Synopsis: This exploration of movement, sound, and expression urges to be humble, recognise and celebrate difference