1 . Movement Exploration Series 2017

I am part of a collaborative group of teachers that are interested in movement and the different teaching methodologies that enable an individual embodied understanding of movement and its sensual experience.

For more information and to keep up to date about the classes please follow us on our facebook page.

Photo by Lindsay Appolis

Meanwhile here is a description of the space we attempt to create:

MOVEMENT EXPLORATION SERIES is an ongoing set of open classes for movers, dancers, performers, actors, artists, teachers, writers and anyone who is interested in a space dedicated to receive a combination of:

– consistent and affordable movement training 
– exploration and experimentation
– somatic health
– kinaesthetic skills
– the space to explore your individual physicality

We would love to build a community of people who have an interest and a need to move beyond purely stylistic, habitual movement patterns and dance classes; who are open to research-based teaching and interesting ways of moving; and who are keen to explore the potential of their body to move and express itself.

These sessions will be diverse, drawing on a host of movement techniques and styles that are strung together by their ability to train the body intelligently and soundly. The teaching approach will also range from set movement sequences to improvisational tasks and explorations – all with the guidance of a teacher.

**If you are interested in what we offer, beyond attending the classes, and you would like to teach at some point, please contact us with something you have in mind and we will get in touch with you!**

This is an exciting and passion-driven project and we hope to share and learn a lot from everyone involved. If there are any questions, please feel free to message us on facebook, drop us an email on adjcollective@gmail.com, or contact me directly.

We hope to see you there!