Massage Therapy

by conscious touch

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As a result of my constant interest for holistic wellbeing as well as finding ways of healing through the body, I began to train Tai chi and learning Chinese Tui Na Massage Therapy under Dr. Michael Lan in the traditional master-to-student method. Under Dr Lan, I learnt about the interconnectedness of life and its manifestation through the body. As a therapist one needs to first understand ones own energy in order to be able to understand another’s, thus it is essential to practice Tai chi regularly and use it as a grounding mechanism during the massage sessions. My experience with Tui Na Massage is and will always be a life long learning and discovering experience. As the body and the environment around it are in constant change so will the understanding and ability to aid the body’s healing processes. Today I remain a student, now studying and training under Dr/Shirfu Jeff Lan, and diving deeper into understanding the principles of TCM and Chinese Martial Arts. Tai chi and Qigong are the foundation for my massage practice and to the maintenance of my wellbeing.

Appropriate touch and sensitive manipulations of skin, muscle and joints is a way of becoming aware of ones own blockages and aiding in its releasing and restoring of the natural flow. My sessions tend to follow the particular needs of the client individually, and I try to be sensitive to what the client’s body communicate with me. Some sessions tend to be quite gentle and nurturing and others tend to be more deep and firm, some happen mostly over the towel others directly on the skin, it all depends on the needs of the client on the day of the session. My focus is constantly set on aiding both my clients and myself to naturally heal, maintain and strengthen the body, mind and spirit through cultivating awareness of oneness and holistic wellness, recurring to all the wisdom transmitted to me by my teachers and my continuous learning.

Tui Na Massage Therapy

Tui Na Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of massage therapy in the world, forming part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system. Through a series of manipulation techniques, Tui Na massage works on restoring the flow of blood and energy as well as releasing any blockages, stagnation or tension in the body improving all body functions and general performance. Tui Na manipulations and massage techniques have the same base as all other TCM therapies namely the working along channels and collaterals called meridians as well as the activation of specific points in the body, all designed to help the body heal naturally. Tui Na is a therapy that can be used to treat different medical ailments, for this the therapist needs years of experience and study. More generally Tui Na techniques can be applied to release tension and relax the body as well as to aid recovery from fatigue and restoration of energy flow in the body. Depending on the person’s specific needs the massage can be gentle or firm, but overall relaxing, releasing and re-energising.