Tai Chi


My training of Tai Chi was initially with Dr Michael Lan and currently with Dr/Shirfu Jeff Lan, both practice and teach traditional Yang Tai Chi style, specifically from the Professor Cheng Man Ching’s legacy. Tai Chi has revealed to be the perfect exercise form with incredible healing benefits ranging from reducing stress, to the improvement of flexibility and immunity in the body. My teachers have taught me to emphasise correct alignment and stance training while applying the motions of ch’ien (sinking) and sung (relaxing), in order to benefit the most from my practice. Nowadays a lot of the ailments we face, both physical and emotional, are a direct result of stress and of holding patterns that retain tension in the body and gradually decrease ones ability to function at ones best capacity, thus affecting the way we navigate and engage with life. Tai Chi is to me a healing, meditative and grounding practice that energises, nurtures, maintains and detoxifies my body and my mind, enabling me to approach life with the right amount of lightness and grounding which in turn, provide the best results for myself and better energy for those around me.

I try my best to apply Tai Chi to all my practices, thus Tai Chi contributes directly to my clients’ wellbeing. I sometimes provide advice in what regards to posture and alignment, as well as life style tips that are based on my tai chi practice and learning experience with its knowledge passed to me by my teachers.