Photography by Alessandra Griffin

Yoga has been a coping and a healing practice for me way before my arrival to South Africa in 2012. I used to practice mainly vinyasa and ashtanga yoga regularly but started exploring other styles once I arrived in Cape Town. These include Synergy, Bikram, Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga. In 2014, I completed my 200hrs Teacher Training Course under Jim Harrington, which was a gateway not only to teaching with awareness but also to deepen my understanding of yoga and try to find the practice that best suited my needs. With this began my love for somatic healing practices and I found myself trying different kinds of yoga and movement, all with the aim at investigating how can one aid healing, be it simply physical healing, but mainly emotional and spiritual from a somatic point of departure.

When I teach, I give emphasis to safety, focus, relaxation and awareness. I also tend to be quite gentle, slow and meditative. The way I teach is mostly suitable for beginners or anyone in need of some softness and stillness in their lives.  Years of experience not only in yoga practice but in dance, swimming, meditation and Tai chi, have enriched my perspective and awareness of the body, and thus aid me to guide the students through a practice that can hopefully satisfy the body, the mind and the spirit. I enjoy teaching and learning, and give special focus on improving physical performance, through providing holistic wellness awareness and general positivity both in and outside the classroom. I mostly enjoy teaching private sessions or small groups as this provides me with the right space and time to fulfil the student’s needs as well as more flexibility for hands-on adjustments and focused practice.